Business Workout & Vic Baxter – About Us


Business Workout & Vic BaxterThe cornerstone of Vic Baxter’s global perspective is based upon an early career in Engineering with Hawker Siddeley Power in Loughborough, followed by over three decades in Oil & Gas, in almost as many countries, across five continents. This has so far embraced most of the oil majors, and key independents, including twelve years with Shell and first division EPIC contractors such as ABB and Brown & Root. Subsequently Vic Baxter moved on to a blend of his own consultancies, senior management positions and directorships across most sectors. More recently he has developed an international portfolio bridging Public and Private entities with both UKTI and SDI, as an International Trade Advisor, then AEL and a range of others as their International Manager. A full CV is available on request and can also be found on Vic Baxter – Linked In.


Design Engineer for Hawkers; Production Engineer for Vickers Oceanics; EPIC Contractor for Wharton Williams Underwater Engineering; Test Engineer for Exxon; Operations Engineer, Project Engineer, Laybarge Supervisor and Project Manager for Shell; Consultant for Seatech; Director for Integrated Management Systems; Oil & Gas Advisor for Scottish Enterprise; Managing Consultant at MD Consultancy; Director Aberdeen for Right Management Consultants; HSEQ Advisor for ABB & ASCo; Principal for DBM; Proprietor for Business Workout Ltd; Learning Director for New Leaders Ltd; International Trade Advisor for Scottish Development International; International Manager for AEL; International Trade Advisor for UKTI; CEO for Quo Vadis International.


Vic looks to spend up to a day with you, in your business, probing and assessing your current or proposed international development strategy, plan and implementation. He will then reflect on this real time whilst also noting points to consider and discuss with you. He will then draw up and submit a report within 7 days which will provide a commentary, along with suggestions for development, based upon:

  • his extensive experience and successful track record of advising and mentoring well over a hundred organisations and operations to date which range from SMEs to MSBs and Internationals to Multinationals, such as Virgin Atlantic, ChevronTexaco and ExxonMobil;
  • UKTI’s 14 pivotal products and services, as deployed across the UK in their 9 regions of operation
  • SDI’s methodologies, as applicable, across all industry sectors; and Vic’s proprietary International Management checklist and methodologies.


Call or email for an initial chat to determine your needs and set up a meeting if appropriate.